About Us

Since 2001, we have been operating in the energy sector – our company finances and implements energy projects from the idea to the “turnkey”, which include the construction of biofuel and natural gas based boiler houses, combined heat and power plants, landfill biogas collection systems and biogas power plants, etc.

Through engineering skills and many years of experience, we offer our customers innovative engineering solutions and technologies.

We perform construction and reconstruction of energy objects, construction process management, construction maintenance and operation of energy equipment.

Moreover our company prepares feasibility studies, investment projects, energy consumption audits, procurement documents, applications and other documents required to be eligible for financial support under the measures administered by the LEIF, LBSA and NPA as well as performs project administration.
As many as 99% of applications for financing prepared by our company’s professionals have been evaluated highly favourably and institutions administering financial support have granted the support on their basis.

We supply biofuel boilers, fuel feed equipment, economizers, biogas production and other equipment of the Austrian, Danish, Czech, Italian and German manufacturers as well as of manufacturers of other countries.

Dynamic market and rapid technological progress encourages us to constantly look for new business solutions and technologies as well as to apply innovative solutions and expand the range of services provided, depending on the needs of our customers.

Our activities are carried out in accordance with the quality management system LST EN ISO 9001: 2015, the Occupational Safety and Health Management System LST EN ISO 45001: 2018   and the Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015.

Companies of the “New heat group” also operate in the following areas:

· UAB “Ekoresursai” and UAB “Energijos parkas” produce heat and electricity from biogas.

Are you planning to start a new energy Project? We can help with its financing or implementation!

Our History

UAB “Naujoji šiluma” – financial technical Company was established in 2001.

UAB “Naujoji šiluma” has established the following subsidiaries:
· 2002 – UAB “Ekoresursai”
· 2006 – UAB “Energijos parkas”

Our Values

Quality and Commitments

We are committed to our customers and ourselves to work in a high-quality manner; we take responsibility for the results, we respect our customers, our work and the team with which we do our business. We understand our responsibility for the work and personal contribution to the overall results.

Hand in Hand with Innovations

Technological development encourages us to constantly improve and keep pace with innovations. We strive to be leaders in the application of advanced technologies as well as successfully implement projects that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


We work and believe in the success of our company and the results that keep improving every year. Improvement of knowledge of our employees, competence development, comprehensive perfection and internal maturity is important to us. We seek to go forward and look for new business development opportunities.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Amanda Seyfried

Head of Innovation

Ethan Thomas

Customer Relations

Donald Simpson

Head of Operations

Jeff Green

Managing Director