Boiler Plant Construction and Modernization

We build and equip new biofuel, gas and liquid fuel based boiler plants, carry out the modernization of the existing plants and make them suitable for burning biofuels.
We offer for the Client the total complex of the services, starting with the Feasibility Study up to “turnkey” and training of the staff.

Capacity of our boiler houses ranges from small, household boiler houses to high-power district or commercial boiler plants.

We install biomass-fired container boiler houses that are optimal in terms of both time and cost. This type of boiler houses is usually installed to meet heating and hot water needs in public, administrative, industrial and domestic buildings. It is most rational to install autonomous container boiler houses in buildings with the heated area ranging from 200m2 to 3,000m2.

This type of boiler houses is installed along with the fuel reservoir and automatic fuel supply system.

Advantages of container boiler houses:

    • fully automated and operate without a permanent operating staff;
    • high efficiency;
    • compact, aesthetically appealing and safe to people present in the vicinity;
    • easy to transport and place elsewhere;
    • environmentally friendly.

Container boiler houses are equipped with water heating boilers and other equipment so that technological process of heat production and supply does not require permanent operating staff.

We offer biomass-fired container boiler houses fuelled by wood pellets, agro pellets and wood chips.

We specialize in the installation of the cogeneration plants – combined heat and power units. This energy production way is more efficient and economically profitable and emissions to the atmosphere tend to be lower than emissions from the boiler plants where heat and power are produced separately.

We can offer our Client the total complex of the services – starting with the analysis for the energy demand, selection of the equipment’s capacity and type up to the project’s implementation, financing and maintenance. The capacity of cogeneration plants ranges from 5 kW to 10 MW. Fuel type – natural gas, liquid gas, bio gas and diesel fuel.

The usage of the cogeneration plants with the piston engine is the widest. Their capacity can range from 5 kW up to 1 MW. The efficiency of the cogeneration plants ranges between 85% – 92%. Fuel type – natural gas, liquid gas and bio gas.

Cogeneration plants advantages:

    • High efficiency in the fuel usage;
    • Lower energy losses in the network, because cogeneration plants can be installed near the energy consumers;
    • Lower expenses, comparing to the separate production of heat and power.;
    • Low exploitation expenses;
    • Simple exploitation and managing;
    • Wide range of unit capacities (from 5 kW);
    • Possibility to operate on the partly load (from 30% to 100%), not reducing the efficiency.;
    • Three production types are possible – power, heat, and cooling.;
    • Lower emissions to the atmosphere;
    • Short pay-back period.

We design and install factory-insulated (duct-free) heat supply networks and heating units and perform their maintenance.

We also modernize heating units and heating systems in buildings.

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