UAB “Naujoji šiluma” finances the short term renovation and development projects in the energy sector.

We can offer for our Clients the different financial methods:

  • Financial leasing
  • ESCO
  • Joint Venture
  • Sales with deferred payment

Benefits of leasing:

  • leasing services allow customers to retain free working capital and obtain the required assets when needed without having to wait until the necessary funds are accumulated;
  • the borrower has the exclusive right to use the leasing object for the entire period of the contract;
  • at the end of the leasing contract, the borrower automatically takes over the possession of the leasing object, if the contract so provides;
  • it is a fast and convenient way of financing;
  • flexibility.

We contractually undertake to create a leasing object (movable or immovable property) and transfer it to the borrower (customer) to manage and use for business purposes for a specific fee, provided that upon full payment of the amount specified in the leasing contract, the leasing object is transferred to the borrower.

We provide leasing services to legal entities. Specific financing conditions are agreed upon individually with each customer and depend on the customer’s financial condition, property characteristics and other objective factors.

ESCO (energy saving company) – main target is improving the energy efficiency as well as reducing the Client’s production costs. ESCO fully implements the project and undertakes the technical and implementation risk related with the project.

When ESCO implements the project, the payments for the project implementation are directly related to obtained real savings, which are calculated as a difference between the current expenses and expenses after the project’s implementation. The investor uses his own financial resources to enhance the customer‘s energy production and increase energy efficiency and the invested money are recovered in the form of savings on energy resources.

UAB “Naujoji šiluma” performs ESCO activities following the model:

    • Identification of the project;
    • Pre-project analysis;
    • Agreement with the Client;
    • Feasibility Study;
    • Project’s assessment and selection;
    • Project’s implementation;
    • Managament;
    • Transfer of the property after the agreement’s termination.

UAB “Naujoji šiluma” is fully responsible for the project’s technical solutions, implementation and financing.

According to the model of establishing a joint venture, our company establishes joint ventures with its customers for the implementation of specific projects with the aim to both implement the projects and successfully develop the business.

We provide a full range of services: from choosing the required optimal, technically and economically viable solution to the full implementation of the project to the “turnkey” as well as its financing.

When implementing projects, we provide our partners with our experience and know-how and perform project management oversight.

Following the model of the deferred payment for goods and services, we implement the project under the sub-contract by deferring the payment for works and equipment for the agreed period of time.
The concrete financing provisions and the financing way is coordinated with each Client separately and depends on its financial situation, amount of the project and its type.

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