Preparing Technical and Operational Projects for Energy Objects

We can offer our customers preparation services of technical and operational projects for various energy objects: boiler houses, combined heat, power plants and heat supply networks. We have many years of experience in the preparation of liquid fuel and gas boiler house projects. We prepare high quality biofuel fired boiler house projects and select the most suitable fuel supply systems in accordance with the type of fuel to be used.

Our company also prepares projects for the energy production from renewable energy sources. We prepare projects for landfill biogas production and plants producing biogas in bioreactors as well as projects for biogas based combined heat and power plants.

We will take care of both the technical project, which is developed by determining the essential requirements of the designed building, and operational building project, which is a continuation of the technical project with detailed technical project solutions.

We also provide services of preparing the mandatory documentation:

    • we prepare and submit applications to obtain the specific architectural requirements and connection conditions;
    • we prepare building design tasks;
    • we organize investigations of structures and engineering systems, perform visual assessment of their technical conditions;
    • we prepare other mandatory drafting documentation;
    • we take care of construction permits.

We perform energy consumption audits in accordance with the approved “Methodology for a Detailed Energy, Energy Resource and Cold Water Consumption Audit in Public Use Buildings”. Audits are performed by the professionals certified by the State Enterprise Energy Agency.

Energy consumption audits in buildings are performed to assess the existing condition of the building’s walls and engineering systems and identify the factors that affect the energy consumption. For the purposes of energy consumption audits, we select measures that help reduce energy consumption in buildings, improve comfort conditions and extend the operating life of buildings or their individual elements.

In addition to energy consumption audit, we can simultaneously perform thermovisual analysis of the building. Having performed the analysis, we can advise on measures to be taken in order to prevent heat loss. We inform our customers about poor condition of any wall junctions and points requiring particular attention in the process of renovation of the building.

We have extensive experience in the preparation of various financial documents. We prepare various financial documents for both companies of the group implementing a wide range of energy projects and for individual customers. Investment, financing documents and documents required to obtain support from the EU funds:

Preparing Feasibility Studies and Investment Projects

We prepare feasibility studies and investment projects that financially, technically and socially validate the objectives of investment in specific energy sector projects, assess the return on investment, other economic performance indicators and project risks. We analyse funding sources and potential deadlines necessary for the implementation of projects.
We provide our customers with detailed descriptions of the implementation of future projects, examining all the main aspects of the future activities and providing the financial and economical substantiation of the project as well as its risk assessment.
A well-prepared feasibility study or investment project is the first step ensuring that you will successfully obtain the required financing and smoothly implement the project.

Setting up Financing Plans

When providing for investment, it is worth having a financial plan that includes future investments for the planned periods of time. Properly evaluated need for funds in terms of time is the most important part of the financing plan.
Financing plans enable companies to develop a structure that would ensure long-term viability prognoses and opportunities for the company to be self-sufficient, i.e. cover all costs, including depreciation and financing costs and would help to achieve an adequate return on equity under the competitive conditions.

Preparing Business Plans

Business plan is a document that covers the entire business strategy and describes in detail all the information needed to develop business. A well-crafted business plan shows whether a planned activity is reasonable and whether a long-term economic success can be expected. Business plan forces to review the business vision, reveals all potential obstacles and allows for checking the capacity of the idea.
We prepare business plans on the basis of both personal experience of the company in implementing its own projects and successful business plans prepared for our customers.

Preparing Applications and Other Documents to Obtain Financial Support

We prepare procurement documents, applications and other mandatory documents required to obtain support under the measures administered by the LEIF (Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund), LBSA (Lithuanian Business Support Agency) and NPA (National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture). All project applications prepared by the specialists of our company have received favourable evaluation from the administering authorities – financial support was granted for the implementation of all projects.
Not only do we provide document preparation services to our customers; we also assist in replying to comments of authorities administering the projects. In the light of amendments to the legislation, methodologies, descriptions, etc., we correct documents, until the customer’s project receives the support.
We continuously follow and analyse new opportunities to obtain assistance from the European Union and various assistance programs; therefore, we can offer our customers the most beneficial option of financial support.
We prepare documentation for attracting financing for the construction of buildings or for future activities from:

    • State budget (State Investment Programme);
    • EU Structural Funds;
    • financial assistance programmes for the renovation and modernization of apartment buildings;
    • other national and international financial support programmes and funds;
    • credit institutions (banks, investment companies, etc.);
    • private investors.

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