We are the first ones in Lithuania to implement landfill biogas collection projects and install internal combustion engines based on the cogeneration principle that burn this type of gas.

The experience gained allows us to continue the development of biogas production projects in Lithuanian farms and wastewater treatment plants using different types of biodegradable waste or sewage sludge.

Biogas Production Technology in Bioreactors

Our technologies are based on a constant double fermentation system. This system consists of three containers: primary, secondary bioreactors and storage capacity for used biomass.
The main difference between our system and traditional system is that both primary and secondary bioreactors operate under the same fermentation conditions of biodegradable waste. Anaerobic waste digestion takes place in the bioreactors at a constant temperature range (mesophilic = 40-42ºC) and neutral pH balance (pH = 6.7-7.5).
This system is more beneficial because it increases the gas extraction efficiency and additional 20% of gas is extracted during the second stage.

Gas Quality Improvement

Innovative and effective gas quality improvement systems and systems for gas supply to the network from a single supplier.
Biogas production companies are often located away from residential areas and, thus, from heat consumers. In this case, electricity produced in a biogas plant is transferred to the electricity distribution network, whereas a large part of the thermal energy remains unused.
Biogas production technology allows for purifying the produced gas to the level of natural gas, eliminating a large part of the carbon dioxide and other small compounds contained therein. Then, this type of gas becomes suitable for distribution through natural gas networks and can thereby be transported to locations where the use of biogas is more efficient. This is particularly relevant for biogas plants, where heat demand is very low.


You can rely on our company not only in the implementation of a biogas plant project, but also in its operation. Remote monitoring systems allow us to continuously monitor changes in the biogas system. This provides a constructive cooperation between the staff maintaining the power plant and our specialists. We prefer the proper preparation of plant operators after the construction of the biogas power plant.
Operational maintenance allows for the provision of appropriate scope and frequency of maintenance operations.

Subsequent benefits:

• High reliability of the power plant.
• Planned inspection schedule.
• Optimised capacity of the biogas power plant.
• Full support from the manufacturer.
• Consulting future plant operators.

Laboratory Services

We pay a lot of attention to objective calculations of economic profitability before we undertake a specific project. Biogas power plants require more maintenance than plants using other types of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power plants. Profitability is closely associated with the fermentation process stability and gas output efficiency, regardless of the type of substrate used.
A team of our partner biologists advises more than 600 biogas production operators on the issues of improving the fermentation process efficiency. They moreover perform tests in power plants that were built by other engineering companies.

Benefits of the laboratory:

• Samples are analyzed in the German laboratory on the same day they are received; therefore, test results are presented on the same day.
• The laboratory allows for optimizing elements of the biogas production system (for example, feed management and control systems).
• It helps to understand the issues associated with the biogas production system immediately, while they are not major, which protects against future financial losses.
• We perform analyses of gas production from different raw materials.